Our Vision

To be an international hub for peace and diplomacy studies contributing to global peace through research, education, training and mediation. »

Our Mission

Our mission is not to replicate the work of other international peace centres but to make a practical contribution to the promotion and maintenance of peace and stability within the region and beyond:... »

Why Seychelles?

Politically, the Republic of Seychelles is a small island state that is a friend of other nations and a threat to none; its neutrality is a key consideration.  Indeed, neutrality made possible a much-... »

Why Peace Studies?

The subject of Peace Studies is as intriguing as it is important: it is about war as well as peace; it addresses terrorism along with national confrontations; it is an academic study but a... »


A Peaceful New Year?

Amidst the cheery greetings of ‘happy new year’ that typically mark our encounters in January comes a chill warning from the Secretary-General of the United Nations. When he took office in 2017, th... »
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Upcoming Events

Coming soon: A series of lectures and seminars on the interests of different nations in the Indian Ocean. (Date: tbc)

The first series is designed to explain some of the changes that are underway in the Indian Ocean and what these might mean for Seychelles. Topics are all of general interest and will help us to know... »

How to Find Us

University of Seychelles, Anse Royale Campus
P.O. Box 1348