Our Vision

To be an international hub for peace and diplomacy studies contributing to global peace through research, education, training and mediation. »

Our Mission

Our mission is not to replicate the work of other international peace centres but to make a practical contribution to the promotion and maintenance of peace and stability within the region and beyond:... »

Why Seychelles?

Politically, the Republic of Seychelles is a small island state that is a friend of other nations and a threat to none; its neutrality is a key consideration.  Indeed, neutrality made possible a much-... »

Why Peace Studies?

The subject of Peace Studies is as intriguing as it is important: it is about war as well as peace; it addresses terrorism along with national confrontations; it is an academic study but a... »


JMPC - New Acronym for the Centre

The Centre has adopted the acronym JMPC, sort for “James Mancham Peace Centre”. This decision was made during a Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday 3rd May 2017, at the Guy Morel Institute, Ma Joi... »
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