Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be an international hub for peace and diplomacy studies contributing to global peace through research, education, training and mediation.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to replicate the work of other international peace centres but to make a practical contribution to the promotion and maintenance of peace and stability within the region and beyond:

  • by promoting ongoing research, training, and capacity building in peace and diplomacy studies;
  • by preventing, mitigating, and resolving conflicts through exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • by facilitating high-level dialogue between global peacebuilding players;
  • by promoting the engagement of youth in peacebuilding.

Our goals for 2017

Goal 1: To become a recognised hub for peacebuilding in Seychelles


Become the leading promoter of locally led peacebuilding activities.

Strategies and Targets:

Identify and support locally led peacebuilding activities.
Cover peacebuilding activities amongst public, private and civil society organisations.
Create and promote a new brand identity.
Increase our visibility and build our profile.
Explore and innovate within the field of locally led peacebuilding.
Develop a significant presence through the use of print and online media.

Goal 2: To become the leading institution for diplomacy and foreign affairs studies


Become the leading Diplomatic Academy in the region.

Strategies and Targets:

Work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government.
Develop and deliver training programmes of a high standard.
Build a network of diplomats and dignitaries.
Compile a collection of academic resources and references.
Organise local discussions on foreign policy and inform the Government on research.

Goal 3: To become financially sustainable


To generate income in order to deliver high-quality services.
To achieve annual growth that will provide greater financial security.

Strategies and Targets:

Secure income from the delivery of academic courses and training programmes.
Achieve a diversity of grant income from individual donors or major companies.
Strengthen our income from donors over the next three years.
Have at least five partners, two of which will provide financial assistance.