Why Peace Studies?

The subject of Peace Studies is as intriguing as it is important:

  • it is about war as well as peace;
  • it addresses terrorism along with national confrontations;
  • it is an academic study but also highly practical;
  • it ranges from the boundaries of religion to the hard edge of geopolitics;
  • it encourages abstract debate but cannot shy away from problem-solving;
  • it draws on a variety of disciplines but belongs to none; and
  • it addresses contrasting instances of conflict in different parts of the world.

Given the ubiquitous nature of national and international conflicts – and consequent attempts to resolve them – it is hardly surprising that Peace Studies has taken its place on the world stage.  There is much to be understood, much to be done.  But the ground is by no means saturated, the need to do more by no means met.  The new Centre will have an important role to play.